Inheritance and family law

Focusing on the amicable settlement and the agreement on child placement, child support and contact  issues, we provide fwe provide representation in divorce proceedings, drafting of marriage and cohabitation property agreements, representation in pre-litigation proceedings, assisting in the dissolution of the marital property partnership, and, if necessary, representation in child placement proceedings and proceedings before the guardianship authority. Inheritance law:  we undertake the editing and the professional review of wills, representation and advice in probate proceedings, the the creation and editing a class agreement.

  • divorce representation, counseling, document editing
  • child custody litigation, settling parental custody, contact rights, representation in front of custodian office
  • child maintenance/affiliation order, domestic partner/spousal maintenance
  • drafting and reviewing on matrimonial and partnership property agreements
  • distribution of jointly-held assets of spouses
  • representation in succession proceedings
  • last will and testament
  • lawsuits of origin, settlement of family status, overturning the presumption of paternity
  • guardianship

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In civil proceedings and non-contentious proceedings we prepare documents and provide legal advice to our clients in English as well. If you feel you need legal help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.