Real Estate Law

We undertake the editing of real estate purchase, exchange, gift and lease agreements; the proceedings before the real estate authority in matters of real estate law, including the cancellation of encumbrances on the property, writing and revision of inheritance and maintenance contracts; proceedings before the court of company registration in the case of a capital increase with a real estate contribution; settlement of real estate disputes by agreement (termination of joint ownership; superstructure agreement, cancellation of usufruct, contract relating to adverse possession) and, if necessary, representation in property protection or litigation proceedings.

  • real estate purchase/exchange/gift and lease agreements
  • maintenance and inheritance contracts
  • land lease contracts
  • arc. preparation and review of mortgage contracts
  • obtaining a permit for the acquisition of real estate by foreigners
  • cancellation of liabilities
  • contribution in kind
  • adverse possession, right of way, protection of possession
  • founding, deletion of usufruct
  • secondary structure contracts
  • termination of joint ownership

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In civil proceedings and non-contentious proceedings we prepare documents and provide legal advice to our clients in English as well. If you feel you need legal help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.